#BlotnerBaby: Harper

Ponoma residents Allie Thornton and her husband were trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for three years before they made an appointment with Dr. Blotner. They were referred by Dr. Learner from White Plains Hospital.

Dr. Blotner discovered Allie’s fallopian tubes were blocked. After four rounds of intrauterine inseminations with Clomid, the couple’s first IVF cycle was successful. In 2016, they welcomed the birth of their baby girl, Harper, who is the cover girl on the home page of our website.

Said Allie: We have seven Grade A embryos in frozen holding, so we are hoping to expand our family soon.

Allie credits her family for fully supporting her and her husband during their journey, as well as the caring Westchester Fertility staff, whom they call family. She feels the  “t was a hard struggle while we were in treatment for a  year. Taking the  medicine and coping with the endless months of hoping I was pregnant was a struggle, but I knew Dr. Blotner had a plan  and he and the entire staff were with us every step of the way, ready to go above and beyond to help us become parents!”

Infertility has given Allie a new outlook on life, especially when she realized she and her husband were not the only couple hoping and praying to have a baby. She would absolutely recommend Westchester Fertility: “I believe there is hope for everyone, but Dr. Blotner and his team translate that hope into the reality of getting pregnant.”

  I know that its a struggle and with a prayer and so many options this will happen for you! Prayers and faith and working every step together made every Tear and pain go away

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