#BlotnerBaby: Rachel

Georgeianna was trying to have a baby for over a year before she found Dr. Blotner and Westchester Fertility during an Internet search.

Like a certain percentage of infertility, Georgeianna and her husband were diagnosed without a diagnosis,

• Community where you live: Bronx, NY

• What was your infertility diagnosis? Unexplained 

• What type of treatment did you have at Westchester Fertility? IUI, IVF, FET

• How did you cope emotionally during treatment? It was very difficult; but I tried to stay positive and prayed.  I also shared my journey with others that also prayed for me.

• How has infertility changed you? Besides all the black and blues for the injections!!!!  Having a child is life changing;  it is the God’s greatest gifts. 

• What type of support did you get from Westchester Fertility? Staff is “very, very” encouraging and very personable. 

• What advice would you give other people dealing with infertility? I tell them to pray, and not to solicit information from people who have gone through fertility because everyone has their own journey. 

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