#BlotnerBabies: The Rubin Family

Aaryn Rubin has been a patient of Dr. Blotner since 2006, having met his daughter while she was in graduate school in NYC. She started seeing Dr. Blotner before her marriage because she had irregular periods and knew she probably would need medical intervention in order to pregnant.

An orthodox, observant Jewish woman, Aaryn wanted to be treated by a physician who would help her observe the Laws of Family Purity, the principles of how Jewish couples conduct themselves in the intimate aspects of their marriage, during fertility treatment.

After her marriage, Aaryn and her husband were evaluated by Dr. Blotner. In addition to irregular ovulation. her husband also had a low sperm count. The couple underwent several intrauterine inseminations before starting IVF. They were successful in getting pregnant with their oldest son, Moshe, during the first transfer. A year later they returned for single embryo transfer with one of their frozen embryos. This resulted in the birth of their son, Dobe. When Aaryn returned for a third cycle, she discovered she already was pregnant — with her daughter, Hannah.

Aaryn and her husband still are trying to expand their family through treatment.  Though she no longer lives in the NYC area, she will travel for hours and many miles to continue treatment with Dr. Blotner. The extra effort is totally worth it to Aaryn.

“Dr. Blotner and his staff are like family to me. I talk to Dr. Blotner every time I have an appointment. I am confident my care is in good hands and that important details won’t be lost because of poor communication. After driving eight hours to get to this office, I know he will be there at the end of my trip. A lot of clinics say they are with you every step of the way. But Dr. Blotner really lives that motto.”


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