Father’s Day Affects Wanna-Be Dads Too

Father's DayMother’s Day can be one of the most difficult times of of the year for women experiencing infertility. Luckily there is a lot of advice and support for women longing for a child on what can be an emotionally draining day.

But wanna-be-dads need support too, especially on Father’s Day. They may not express emotions in the same way as their female partners or maybe feel they must be  strong and supportive rather than reach out for help for themselves. But that does not mean they are not feeling left out about all the hoopla surrounding Dad’s big day or don’t secretly yearn for a mug with the title of ‘World’s Best Father.’

So this Father’s Day, don’t forget about the guys. 30% of infertility is due to male factor issues, which may add an extra layer of guilt if the man feels he caused the pain his wife is suffering.

So even though he may seem okay and unaffected, the man in your life may indeed be feeling ‘blue’ this Father’s Day. So give him an extra hug or get him tickets to his favorite sporting event and let him know he is that special guy in your life.

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