Your First Visit

Congratulations on taking the first step to resolving your infertility problems! The initial consultation is an important appointment between you and Dr. Blotner. We want to help you make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Suggestions prior to initial visit

We suggest you bring as much information with you as you can for this initial consultation. If you are being referred by an OB/GYN - or have already seen other gynecologists or fertility doctors -- it is highly recommended to have all your patient information sent to us. This enables Dr. Blotner to assess your personal case history as well as evaluate your medical information before your visit.

The referrals can be faxed to the office via (914) 949-5758. Please be sure to include both  new patient and consent forms.


This meeting includes a 60-minute comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Blotner concerning your personal health history and medical records, and outlines possible diagnostic and treatment options.

You will then have the opportunity to address any questions or concerns regarding these options. After the prescribed tests have been completed, a follow-up visit is scheduled to review the results and formulate the treatment plan best suited to your needs.

Dr. Blotner is the reason I have my children.

I consider him a wonderful human being and he is extremely helpful, caring, and knowledgeable. He operated on me due to heavy endo and 2 weeks later, I conceived TWINS!

He was with me every step of the way until they were in the safe zone-measuring my levels and administering the right level of hormones that I needed to keep stable to prevent a miscarriage... it worked. I consider him a friend and would recommend him to anyone who needed an excellent fertility doctor; he's the best!

New Patient Form

Download our new patient info package here. Thanks.


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